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Summer in Mongolia brings the opportunity to have a unique wilderness – no crowds- just mountains, steppe forest, rivers and spectacular flora and fauna. Our Mongolia adventure travels take you on a thrilling journey of discovery through the nomadic country’s spectacular scenery – explore remotest Western Mongolia. The adventures are endless.


We invite you to explore the highlights of the western Mongolia. Western Mongolia is famous for being the home for a dozen ethnic groups of Mongolia and the Kazakh people and is the least traveled area of the country. The nature is more beautiful and pristine and the people are more hospitable and generous there. This fantastic overland tour comprises the most exciting 8 provinces of vast Mongolia. Our tour will start from beautiful nature with combination of high mountains, steppes, forests, Gobi desert and grasses of Govi-altai province. We will hike to Tsambagarav Mountain.Khar-Us & Tolbo lakes, famous Gurvan Tsenkher cave rock paintings which is 20'000 years old , then we will see impressive Altai Tavan Bogd mountain range is the “Challenge of the West” that towers over the western part of Mongolia. The name Tavan Bogd - Five Holy Kings was given to five extraordinary peaks that display amazing views from a distance. Altai region is settled by human ancestors since Lower Paleolithic period or 300 thousands years ago containing precious records of petroglyphs and graveyards. Glamorous fresh water lakes are the main fascination of the area. Kazakh is the main ethnic group with colorful culture and rich history. Originally, Kazakhs are the descendents of the Hereid tribes and settled down in Bayan Ulgii aimag in 1940 after hundreds of years travelling. Golden Eagle Festival is a “must-see”. It is an exclusive hunting tradition with Eagles that existed for 2000 years and still strong among the Kazakhs.Let's take this tour and explore the majestic western Mongolia!