Amazing scenery of Mongolian Gobi that reveals itself beyond beauty

We were group of people who want to explore the true way of natural beauty in Gobi. We started off-beat adventure and epic road trip with the off-road van. It is amazing to see gazelles sprint, horses romp and camels huddling within sun set on the floor of the Gobi Desert. 
Few photographers of our group strike out across the rock formations, narrow walls of valley, sand rock canyon and beautiful oasis in Gobi Desert. 
My eyes swim in amazing scenery of wide open spaces which bridged by vast stretches of desolation where smartphone signals die and silences saturates. It seems, somehow out of place in such harsh conditions, but it is where desert foliage shimmers in gold and autumn color. 

    The land of Sain Saran Hundii is corrugated with low ridges and narrow valleys where a mystic silence reigns and the near -mythic snow leopard is real. The picturesque Sain Saran Hundii is example of a desert mountain range which has formed by within restraining bend along a major left-lateral strike-slip fault system.  

Farther south –west, the desolate sand rock formation of Khermen Tsav opens wider and reds. Its flatness is relieved here and there by dry streambeds and sand canyons which formed during a thousand of years of erosion. Sand and more gravel are everywhere, and a scattering of dry bush. Sand rock canyons are home to the world re-known discoveries of dinosaurs’ skeleton as well as the first fossilized dinosaur eggs have been preserved at the foot of these sand cliffs. 

    Beautiful Gobi oasis fed by Zulganai river which stars from West Altai Mountain and runs on edge of sand dunes. The fascinating natural view of oasis comes out with dense forest with Mongolian almond and cane. 

    The largest granite rock formation of Ikh Gazriin Chuluu spread out from west to east its about 20 km. There are many interesting sites and more than 40 caves which are created by the wind and rapid temperature changes. This natural artistic creation has high biological diversity. The structure of rock formation formed by thousand years of wind and rain.