Highlights of our 9 day tour with Dream Mongolia

In a tour, you make locals to believe that you are master of new language
During your travel in Mongolia, if you pick up little of Mongolian  useful vocabulary, you’ll have a fun more often. You would shop at the local markets or visit to nomad family than having basic conversation with locals. It’s amazing when you will make an effort to learn the few basics of the local language. Words come up with “Thank you”, “how much is it?”, “how are you?”

You desire to learn Mongolian horse riding

If you know nuts about riding, well-designed horseback riding tour introduces a concept of practical and desirable trek. Even though, you only had horse riding in very short distance, you will live with the horses in the great outdoors with plenty of relaxation and pleasure. Moreover, when you have horse riding trip, you will have overwhelming visual experience of emptiness and vastness to ride across the silent treeless steppe.

Your driving skills back at home is nothing compared to what roads have in Mongolia

You are all so used to driving in own country where the road sign is clear to guide and driving is abided by rules. When you are in stunning open countryside with rolling hills, big mountains, winding rivers and vast desert, the excellent driving skills will guide you to safety.

You learn how to find affordable and good quality tours in winter time

The most challenging trip is not in colorful wild flowers or lush green forest but it would be trekking on snow in -20degrees. Tour would suppose to be easy it’s because winter landscape has attracted several generations of explores and adventurers. Lets just say, Dream Mongolia is scheduled tours at times.

You become more interested in Mongolian history and Mongolian’s culture

Mongolian history is deeply embedded within the world’s history.  If you know the history behind these ancient tribes and battles, it would clearly show that the pace of life is governed by the speed of the horse. The point of Mongolian history is Chinggis Khan created the largest empire on horseback. Horses are strongly connected with history and culture as much as they are woven into Mongolian’s song and verse.

Experience true nomadic life

The best couch surfing experience in your tour might be visiting to nomadic family and feel their true life style. They are very welcoming and nicely serve with milk tea and homemade bread. You will have one of the best time with plenty of relaxation and pleasure in life of nomad. It is visual experience to live with horses and camels and learn more about Mongolian equestrian traditional life. 

A bigger picture of Mongolia

Traveling in Mongolia make you realize that this country has unique area of unsurpassed geographical and human diversity. There is cultural and traditional nomad lifestyle which happens on this location with cause and effect. You may accept that you are not in center of universe, but you are in true adventure with forest, desert, steppe and lake lands populated by over 20 ethnic groups.