The best features of winter experience- a tour to be more than satisfactory with winter scenery

The best features of winter experience- a tour to be more than

satisfactory with winter scenery     

Winter is new opportunity to discover the true beauty of snow mountains and ice lakes. Those will give you completely different makeovers. The country which has coldest capital city on Earth as much as the record shows the temperature dropped to -53C in the Uvs lake basin through Arctic air masses dominated is like no other places. Some parts of country receive the heavy snowfall while other parts only get the experience of sweet chill with breath- taking sunset, it’s because intense weather with extreme variation temperatures. Whether, it is combination of the most intense biomes including southern Siberian zone, Gobi Desert, Altai mountains and higher altitude.

Winter in northern Mongolia begins at the end of October and goes on until April. No matter what month you go, whole landscape slowly turns to white as much experience as the rare opportunity to sweep across the frozen lake. October specially is a great time to travel in mountain ranges as the mix of autumn leaves with the first snow, also temperatures have not quite reached as frigid best. Anyways, the cold weather is not an obstacle for those who want to spend time in country side also, travelers have an insatiable hunger for adventurous getaways in breathtaking scenery. 

The northern part of Mongolia is the most visited one as far as it’s home to the Blue- pearl of Khuvsgul lake and view- unique of Khordil Sardis mountains. Khordil Sardig is a lovely getaway for those who like to have magical experiences, and incredible panoramic views of snowing rocky-mountains offer a tour to the true Reindeer Herders. Reindeer herders are divided into two parts, west and east whether, they are happier when Taiga has full of snow. You might think that unbearable temperatures of -30C is nothing happens as dead of winter but, reindeer herders are used to this and so life goes on completely as usual.

Mongolian reindeer are semi-wild animals but, they can’t defend themselves against main enemy-wolf. The most interesting thing is reindeers need more salt during the winter time.