Mongolia is a country of customs and manners Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to tradition and lifestyle, especially in the countryside. Some of them are related on religious background, others derived from the practical necessities of the nomadic culture. 


  • Stand on the threshold when entering the Ger/house
  • Refuse offered drink or food in the Ger/house (it’s customary for Mongols to offer tea and food as a welcoming)
  • Whistle inside a Ger
  • Lean against the pillars or support columns in the Ger
  • Throw water or rubbish into the fire (fire is sacred!)
  • Touch other people’s hat or especially, man’s head
  • Walk over the Uurga (horse catching pole)
  • Point at someone with a single finger Use your whole palm instead.
  • Pee in any water in nature such as lakes, rivers, streams ever!
    (Water is sacred!)
  • Spill milk/dairy in river, well, lakes
  • Talk or joke about bad things that may happen
  • Estimate travel hours as drivers believe it brings bad luck on the trip
  • Ask names of big mountains while the mountain is still in sight
  • walk in front of an elderly person.


  • Always keep your sleeves rolled down. It's considered impolite to show your wrists to someone.
  • Greet the people when entering the Ger
  • Always receive objects with your right hand. Keep your palm facing up when holding cups and accepting things.
  • Try to speak Mongolian. Hello (Sain baina uu?), Thank you (Bayarlalaa!) or Bye (bayartai!)
  • Enter or leave Ger through the left
  • Accept food or drink with your right hand or both hands
  • Always accept gifts and food. Take a bite or a nibble of offered food, even if you're not hungry.
  • Receive the snuff bottle and gently loosen the top without removing it
  • Bring some small gifts such as stationary and candy for children
  • Always get on horseback from the left
  • Respect and love nature