Mongolia is home to history, culture and tradition. Mongolians have been an integral part of nomadic civilization, herding livestock and respecting nature from the ancient times. In other words, Mongolian lifestyle, events and festivals are dependent on them. Nowadays, we celebrate different types of events and festivals in each season such as Lunar New Year and Naadam festival throughout the country, Camel festival in Gobi, Ice festival on Khuvsgul lake, Golden Eagle festival in western Mongolia and Yak festival at Orkhon valley. Mongolian festivals and events are truly breathtaking and adventurous and leave life time experience and memories to you. 
Enjoy the Mongolian festivals!


Winter in Mongolia is cold, but incredibly beautiful and mysterious. Temperatures are here typically ranging from -20°C to – 45°C degrees. The most challenging trip is not in colorful wild flowers or lush green forest but it would be on snow-covered steppe in -20degrees. 
We offer unique opportunities with Mongolia’s dramatic winter landscapes to ride horses and Bactrian camel, make dog sledding, explore lifestyle and customs of Reindeer herder and Eagle hunters and attend to impressive Ice Festival on the Khuvsgul lake, Camel festival in Gobi and Golden eagle festival in Ulaanbaatar.  

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Summer in Mongolia is the warmest season, as sometimes temperatures can reach +40 centigrade (average the temperature is from +10’C-27’C), air is dry and pleasant to travel around.  Also the summer is when Mongolia gets the majority of its rainfall. Mongolian herders eagerly await these rains for the grass they bring their livestock, and the steppe turns from a dry, dead tan to its beautiful green. Summer is when many semi-nomadic families will head out from the aimag cities to the countryside in order to tend their herds, shear their wool, and create a bewildering array of dairy products.
Most tourists’ flock here in summer to enjoy the comfortable temperatures and see the vast landscapes of wide open country and nomadic culture. 

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The Eagle festival, or Golden Eagle festival (Бүргэдийн наадам/ бүркіт той), is an annual traditional festival held in Bayan-Ölgii aimag, Mongolia. In the eagle festival, Kazakh eagle hunters (Burkitshi) celebrate their heritage and compete to catch small animals such as foxes and hares with specially trained golden eagles, showing off the skills both of the birds and their trainers. Prizes are awarded for speed, agility and accuracy, as well as for the best traditional Kazakh dress, and more. 
The Eagle Festival is held during the first weekend in October, run by the Mongolian Eagle Hunter's Association.