Khentii mountain is a forested wilderness area close to the capital city Ulaanbaatar with their westernmost ranges. Special Protected Area (SPA) of Khentii is three times the size of Yellowstone with 1,2 Mio hectares and its regulated access helped set aside a wilderness area of great importance. Predominantly forested Khentii mountain range divided by flat grassland with plenty of wildlife including red deer, roe deer, elk, bear, wild boar and wolf. Mountains chain forms the watershed of three huge drainage basins- the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and inland basin of Central Asia-come together at Chandmani mountain. Khentii mountain ranges where mountain stream merge and rivers create well-developed water network such as Herlen and Onon flow into Amur which is the longest free-flowing river of Eurasia into Pacific Ocean, also Tuul river joints with Orhon and Selenge rivers which flow into Baikal lake that eventually ends up in the Arctic Ocean.  

Gorhi Terelj is located in southwest of Hentii mountain ranges, at the altitude of 1600meters. This area was protected as a National Park in 1993, especially due to its natural scenic beauty. It has been used as a tourism destination with ger camps, restaurants, souvenir shops and horses, camels for rent, but the rest of park has evolved with grazing by wildlife and livestock. National Park within alpine scenery and fantastic rock formation is the perfect spot for short schedules because of close to Ulaanbaatar city, it’s approximately 66km from capital. It offers the great opportunities to hike in a day, ride around on camel and horseback and rock climbing. 

Deluun Boldog is believed to be the place of Chinggis Khaan’s birth and its situated in the north-east of the country where the coniferous forest of the Siberian taiga meets with Daurian steppe. This place is associated with the worship of sacred hill, Onon river and shamanic rock cairns. Temuujin was born in this place in 1162 and a key factor of his success is to unify Mongol tribes and declared his establishment of the Mongol Empire in 1206. Deluun Boldog is surrounding by tree filled with pines, plains scattered with wild flowers and streams. Eastern Mongolian is directly and tangibly associated with the Secret History of the Mongols. 

The Baldan Bereeven monastery is located in the long and deep valley of Baruun Jargalant river and surrounded by picturesque sacred mountains such as Munh Ulziit, Arvan Gurvan Sansar, Bayan Baraat and bayan Hangai,which are branches of Hentii mountain ranges. A valley in an extraordinary geographically position has rich vegetation and pasture for domestic animals. By the gateway to the temple complex is a map of a walking loop that takes to the place where many cliff carving with different image of Buddha, and passes a hilltop viewpoint with spectacular views.