Old Buddhist monasetry

The Baldan Bereeven monastery is located in the long and deep valley of Baruun Jargalant river and surrounded by picturesque sacred mountains such as Munh Ulziit, Arvan Gurvan Sansar, Bayan Baraat and bayan Hangai,which are branches of Hentii mountain ranges. A valley in an extraordinary geographically position has rich vegetation and pasture for domestic animals. By the gateway to the temple complex is a map of a walking loop that takes to the place where many cliff carving with different image of Buddha, and passes a hilltop viewpoint with spectacular views. Monastery was started in 1700s and completed around 1176 as a home for 5000-7000 lamas during its higher developed period. During 1930s monastery was severally damaged by communist people. But since 1990 religious practices have started and number of monks restored gradually some part of monasteries.