Mongolia winter tours & trips: Winter in Mongolia is cold, but incredibly beautiful and mysterious. Temperatures are here typically ranging from -20°C to – 45°C degrees. The most challenging trip is not in colorful wild flowers or lush green forest but it would be on snow-covered steppe in -20degrees. 
We offer unique opportunities with Mongolia’s dramatic winter landscapes to ride horses and Bactrian camel, make dog sledding, explore lifestyle and customs of Reindeer herder and Eagle hunters and attend to impressive Ice Festival on the Khuvsgul lake, Camel festival in Gobi and Golden eagle festival in Ulaanbaatar.  

Mongolia is land of horses which is honest friends for Mongols, conquered half of the world. Horse is pride animal for Mongolians. Since ancient times, horses have been played for significant roles for Mongolian traditions and lifestyle. As well as, a phrase saying "A Mongol without a horse is like a bird without wings". Anytime, anywhere you visit in Mongolia, horses are everywhere most likely, that makes Mongolia has great horse trekking destination. During this horse riding tour, we challenge you in mid-winter weather and gain of authentic experience by exploring spectacular wildlife and landscapes in national parks such as Khustai-wild horses, Orkhon valley-cultural heritage, Khugnu khan-Elsen Tasarhai natural reserve and learning nomadic lifestyle of herders, horsemen's by visiting families.  

It is a unique opportunity to discover the amazing Mongolian Gobi Desert in winter. Mongolian Gobi is a great winter destination where shows you spectacular landscapes and natural beauties. 
On this tour, we will visit Tsagaan Suvarga, the hottest travel attraction with unique natural formation, walk in the beautiful icy Yol Valley, hike to the top of Khongor sand dunes and discover Bayanzag or Flaming Cliffs, a site famous for the remains of dinosaur that lived here 60 million years ago.
This winter Gobi Desert tour can be an unforgettable adventure with lasting memories of you. Come and enjoy the trip!

Mongolian winter has own beauty and futures. On this tour, we will visit Terelj National Park, rock formations erupt out of the snow and ice against a backdrop of pine covered mountains flowing down to valleys dominated by frozen rivers, hike in Khustai National Park, lies in the foothills of southern Khentii mountain range and it is the place where you can see wild horse called Takhi known as Przewalski horse to the world and discover frozen semi sand dunes of Mongolia Gobi under the snow and beautiful Khugnu Khan mountain. 
We have activities including horse riding, camel riding, dog sledding, walking on frozen river and sand dunes and visiting nomadic family 

Western Mongolia is home to different ethnic groups and spectacular snow-capped mountains and landscapes. More than 20 ethnic groups such as Kazakh, Uriankhai, Oold and Torguud live in this area. It is very unique mixed with different culture and customs. One of them is Kazakh who historically nomads, dwelling year-round in portable, dome-shaped tents or yurts as other Mongolians although they live in a stone house in winter. They have a lot of unique traditions and festivals such as Nauriz holiday, training or hunting eagles. Mainly nomad families migrated seasonally to find pasturage for their livestock, including horses, sheep, goats, cattle, camels and yaks.