• Winter in Mongolia is long and dry climate which is not just cold temperatures and strong winds but in some case, difficult weather conditions like snow storm and heavy snowfall. Winter is harsher than other parts of the world, its because of more than 80 percent of land locates at the altitude of 1500 meters above sea level and snow covers from the beginning of November until the end of March. While some days of winter offer pleasant, some are harshest and more unpredictable.  

  • Winter in Mongolia is cold, but incredibly beautiful when you travel. The Mongolian winter is not just a good time to escape other tourists and attend to number of interesting events that attract attention of the tourists are held here in winter.

    Here we list the top winter destinations in Mongolia

  • Монгол орныхоо хоймор нутгийн үзэсгэлэнт байгаль Хөх Сувд Хөвсгөл нуурын хөвөөгөөр, Дархадын Цэнхэр Хотгороор хөндлөн гулд, Цаатан овогийнхон амьдардаг  Тайгын уулсаар, Тэнгис Шишгэдийн бэлчирээр болон сүндэрлэн харагдах Дархан Цаазат Хорьдол Сарьдаг, Улаан Тайгын сүрлэг уулсын дэргэдүүр унадаг дугуй жийн аялуулах хөтөлбөр танилцуулая