Coaxing ritual is one of the complex rituals in Mongolia for tending livestock

Mongol herders perform the coaxing ritual to encourage a mother animal to accept a new-born baby animal or to adopt orphan. This is a culture that expresses the interaction and communication between humans and animals, and Mongols could make a camel to cry with the melody of a Morin Khuur (horse fiddle). In general, the coaxing ritual should be performed when the young mothers including camel, horse, cow, sheep and goat tend to reject or lose their own baby-animals. This is a kind of lullaby. Everyone has its own coaxing style.

  • The camel is empathetic, weeping and compassionate animal. Mongolians used to tease someone who shed tears easily that you are like female camel, having lost her colt. When they perform a coaxing ritual for female camel, they use a word “Khuus”.
  • There is tradition about a coaxing ritual for horses to encourage a mare to accept a rejected newborn foal. “Gurui” –special coaxing word that can coax the mare into accepting her foal. Chanting words to say is something like that “My horse, you are referred to as Topaz. But why do you reject your foal and leaving him without nourishment, Please, feed foal with your nutritious milk”.
  • There is occasions when the cows reject their calf. They would perform a coaxing with word “Ohw”. Chanting words are like those “My cow, a rich source of milk, why did you reject your calf? Please, allow your calf to drink nutrient-rich milk”.
  •  They would perform the coaxing ritual with word “Chaag” for goats. When someone sings the melody, a goat will easily accept her kid. Chanting words are something like that “Summer is coming, grass is growing, Please, feed your baby kid”. Also, a nanny goat can accept the rejected lamb. A lamb that suckled goat becomes big and strong, thus he likes often to stay with the mother-nanny its because goats produce more milk. When we keep sheep and goats in separate enclosures, the lamb with goat mother only follows goats’ group.
  • They perform a coaxing ritual for sheep, called “Toigo”, when ewe rejects her lamb. When they are coaxing ewe, the mother is tied and they hold up lamb close to the mother. They would spray mother’s milk on the back of lamb so that mother should smell it.