What to buy from Mongolia?

The Best Things To Buy From Mongolia

You are no doubt exciting for your upcoming trip to Mongolia-not only to see all the incredible and unique sights of UNESCO World Heritage Area of Orkhon Valley, impressive sight-seen like National Park of Gobi Desert but, also to do some shopping for things would preferably be unique to the country. Here are some of the most popular items you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Sea buckthorn

Quite commonplace in Mongolia, sea buckthorn drink is offered at the most restaurants in UB, today’s native beverage as well as natural foods. Sea buckhorn is only plant food known to provide all four Omega fatty acids and it’s rich in vitamins C and E. Mongolia is a home to wild berries which are grow naturally but also cultivated and prized for healthy properties. Natural foods like cranberry, bilberry, gooseberry, black current and sea buckthorn are made into beverage, jams, skin care products and pharmaceuticals.  

Cashmere and felt products

One of Mongolia’s most famous export is cashmere, and country produces 48 percent of the total raw cashmere in the world. The harsh climate resulted in four naturally occurring colors of cashmere such as white, beige, warm grey and brown. Factory stores have many different products from bedding to clothes   which are keeping up with modern fashion under its Organic label. People around Globe are becoming more eager to use organic products. Mongolian felt products are locally made as useful in household like slippers and rugs with a variety of pattern. The most important advantage of cashmere and wool product is fact that the nomads produce a hundred-percent national brand its materials straight from herders.  

Chocolate “Golden Gobi”

Traveler to Mongolia mostly return with some type of chocolate from “Golden Gobi” chocolate factory. The Golden Gobi began in 2003 and produces single source dark chocolate, cream or liqueur-filled chocolate and wild berries dipped in chocolate. The chocolate is considered as an unhealthy sweet, but you will never regret indulging yourself with confections produced by Mongolian chocolate- makers. Golden Gobi created unique flavor chocolate mixture with milk-cream, butter and wild berries. Those who want to buy chocolate for their family and friends can find it in almost every supermarket as well as in branded stores in Mongolia.