The number of best hotels, have wide range of luxury amenities, has been increased. They offer high quality amenities and excellent professional services. The first Mongolian 5-star hotel is Ulaanbaatar hotel which was founded in 1961.   
The best hotels in Ulaanbaatar
1. Shangri-la hotel*****
2. Kempinski hotel*****
3. Best Western Premier Tuushin hotel*****
4. Novotel *****

5. The corporate Hotel and Convention Centre *****

6. Ramada hotel****
7. Blue Sky hotel*****

8. Khuvsgul lake hotel ***


Ger is Mongolian traditional accommodation that is most suitable dwelling of Mongolian Nomads. Mongolian ger consists of door, lattice wall, toono (crown), uni (poles), pillars, felt insulation and white cover.
Nowadays, we are using gers as the main accommodation in the tourism in the countryside.
The ger camps are locally-run enterprises set in rural locations near areas of cultural, historical or geographical interest. Most camps have around 20 gers or more, with 1-3 beds in each ger and traditional stove in the center to warm up the ger at night. Facilities between ger camps vary widely some may have 'en-suite' gers whilst others have eco, hot-steamed towels instead of showers. Generally, there are separate male & female bathroom blocks with western-style facilities are located in short distance away and communal larger dining gers or restaurants where meals are served.
Staying in ger will leave you the unforgettable and lasting memories by staring the million stars through the toono (crown hole), watching impressive picturesque view from your own little door and feeling authentic experience.