The temple is located on the top of mountain

In Buddhist culture, mountain tops are believed to enlighten people and bring them closer to the gods. The hermitage monastery of Tuvkhun is located on the rocky hill of Undur Shireet mountain and its surrounded by beautiful scenic at the altitude of 2300meters above sea level. In 1653, One of the oldest monastery of Tuvkhun was skillfully erected by Zanabazar who was the spiritual head of Mongolian Buddhismin a small-sized area between naturally impressive rocks. Noble Holiness Zanabazar created his great art works and invented his Soyombo script in this monastery. He built a stone-walled small house to practice meditation due to mountain top has provided inspiration to worshippers. Monastery used to have 14 small temples which totally destroyed by Communists. This place has taken under the protection of state since 1992 and was registered by UNESCO as the most wonderful valuable object in 1996. Now, there are several temples, meditation caves, and a cave known as mother’s womb which can be symbolically re-born.