Monastery with unique architectures 

The complex of Amarbayasgalant monastery was buit betwee 1727-1737 by the Manch emperor in the honor of Undur Gegeen Zanabazar who was a great sculptor and founder of Mongolian Buddhist school. The architectures of this monastery are in Manch- style but stylistically its art has tributary Chinese architectural influence with inscriptions, symmetrical layout, imperial colour scheme and roof guardians on every roof corner. Monastery is located in the long, deep valley near the Selenge river, at the foot of Burenkhan mountain. Originally, monastery consisted of over 40 temples surrounded by a wall with a message in four languages (Mongolian, Tibet, Manchu and Chinese) which is symbolizing Emperor’s protection and his control. Only 28 temples now remain due to Its one of the rare monasteries that have partly avoided the destruction of 1937 by the Soviet.