Reindeer Herder Camps

Darkhad depression is a large valley a broad expanse of open steppe surrounded by Ulaan Taiga and Hordil Saridag mountain range. This area covers over 4000 square kilometers and has many lakes and rivers those remain the significant wetland areas. Darkhad depression is home to natural habitat classified as Taiga, Alpine tundra, glacial formed valleys, forest and swamp. Also, this vast region as northernmost tip of Mongolia provides home to the reindeer population. The Dukha- reindeer herders one of Mongolia’s most fascinating and iconic communities, living in teepees with strong shamanist beliefs. Historically from Tuva in Siberia, they would have ranged freely through out the Taiga on both side of Tuva and Mongolia. They have a strong kinship with reindeers to hunt and travel as much as for their basic needs- milk for food, skins for clothing and antlers for tools and medicine. Reindeer herders live in two communities in the west taiga and east taiga as geographically distinct. Mongolian reindeer are semi-wild animals but, they can’t defend themselves against main enemy-wolf.