Freshest water lake

Khuvsgul’s lake is called as “Blue Pearl of Asia” due to the water is so pristine and crystal clean. Khuvsgul lake is the most outstanding example of a freshwater ecosystem on the basis of natural criteria as much as the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful during winter and summer. The lake lies in the southern Siberian zone, and an area extends from north to south with 136km and stretches from west to east 36.5km at the elevation of 1645m above sea level. The surrounding terrain is mountainous and peaks which have panoramic views of Khordil Sardig ranges and Bayan mountain ranges, along the west shore of the lake. Thus, Its the oldest lake in Mongolia (23 million years old) from the pressure of the same tectonic forces as a gigantic Lake Baikal which located 195 kilometers to the North as much as it’s the deepest continental body of water, having a 267metres (876 feet). It is also Asian second largest fresh water lake by volume of 380km3, containing about 93.6 % of Mongolia’s fresh water and 1% of all fresh water in the world. Into Khuvsgul lake flow more than 40 rivers and streams, only one river- Egiin Gol exits from it.