Extinct Volcano Mountain

Uran Uul is an extinct volcano with energy and beauty beyond at the altitude of 1686 meters above sea level in Bulgan province. The nature-lovers from all over the Globe head to Uran Uul due to its ridge of crater that arise in nature which resembled a nice creature of mother nature. The area was preserved by the government as a Natural Monument with 5800 hectares in 1965. Incredibly beautiful volcano is formed a circle-shaped ridge with 500 diameters that contains emerald- green lake with 1.5 meters deep. Volcano is erupted as the tectonic movements of the Earth’s crust about 20 thousand years ago. Another three craters such as Tulga, Jalavch and Togoo are located 12 km in the south of Uran Uul and, these volcanic field is one of the outstanding landmarks where the rolling grasslands meet the foothills of Hangai mountains.