Deer Stones in Asia

The most important monuments related to the Bronze Age were found in the Huvsgul mountains. Researchers complete the statistic figure of deer stone, and it shows that there are 233 deer stones registered in Huvsgul province and 30 of them in Uushigiin Uvur. The property of deer stone is testimony to religion, sacrificial ritual, practice and culture as much as deer stones are a symbol or reflection of spiritual belief of the ancient people. As stated by Ts.Turbat (2009), there is belief that deceased ancestors have a continued existence, and their spirits will look after the descendants. The stone figures are represented their powerful ancestors who were great warriors and leaders. So, deer stones depicted a person in Uushigiin Uvur. Therefore, there are image of human head, head dress, earrings, necklace, and engrave various types of weapons such as bows with cases, swords as well as belt with decorated patterns.  Moreover, the deer stone has many engraved images and the core depiction is a flying deer in the abstract style. In addition, there are two other types of animals such as predators and hoofed animals. All these images represent the view point of that time, based on the belief to respect and worship great warrior.