The Golden Sand dunes

One of the most photographed places - Khongor Els is remote and unremarkable and far form Dalanzadgad its 240km/ 145miles to the west. These dunes are one of the largest moving bodies of sand in the world which lie 180kn/110miles long and travel in a line from the northwest to the southeast. Its called “Singing Sands” due to the sound of downhill moving sand when climbing to the dune’s top.
Not only beautiful singing sands, “Hongoriin Gol” river-a permanent spring creatures a green wetland, which makes for an interesting contrast agains the background and mountain range beyond. These dunes are sculpted by wind that travels in a consistent east-west direction. Strong winds reaching up to 15 meters/45ft per second are frequent in the Gobi. The dark, jagged forms of the Zuulun Range in the distance provide an impressive backdrop in contrast to the pale sands of dunes.