Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain

Altai Tavan Bogd is located far west of the country where Mongolia meets with Russia and China and, National Park extends 662 square kilometers with towering peaks of 4374m above sea level and Potanin glacier which was formed 2 million years ago with covering 23 square kilometers, plus 34 other smaller glaciers. The beautiful scenery of Tavan Bogd (five highest peaks) mountains make premier attraction in the west and, many archeological sites which form the petroglyph complexes, standing stones and burial mounds are registered in UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. The dramatic landscape of this area has several large lakes and 10m waterfall with inhospitable patchwork of brown, red and grey-desert scrub, sand and jagged rock. The park is home for many endangered species including argali sheep, ibex, grey wolves, red deer snow leopards, elk, Altai snow-cock and golden eagle. People are mostly Kazakh ethnic group who are famous with eagle hunting cultures.